Our Platform

Thripp at U.S. Capitol

Central Floridians deserve better.

Our platform will make a big difference, advocating for you in Washington, DC and working for you in Florida’s 6th district.

Increase Educational Funding

This year has shone a light on the dedication of our teachers. Public education is an essential cornerstone of any decent community and our schools are expected to do too much with too little. In Volusia County alone, well over half of our schools receive Title I funding. Designed to support disadvantaged and working class areas, Title I funding has failed to keep up with inflation. Schools are suffering from a growing deficit that falls on the shoulders of teachers and families.

Through my work as a teacher educator, I know the value of preK–16+ education and the value great schools can bring to the prosperity of a community. In Congress, I will fight for the teachers and students to increase Title I funding. Every child deserves the chance to learn.

The cost of an education shouldn’t be a lifetime burden. I will use my voice in Congress to support the one-time forgiveness of student loan debts. This act will stimulate the economy and provide stability for millions of Americans.

Medicare for All

I support universal healthcare for all Americans (Medicare for All). COVID-19 has only highlighted the fact that this is a sorely needed investment in the American people—in our health, wellness, and prosperity. Healthcare in this country is dictated by insurance companies whose bloated profits are direct proof of a failing system. A complex patchwork of competing systems is a waste of resources. Our current system frustrates medical workers and fails families when they are hardest hit.

The first step is expanding Medicaid in Florida and other southeastern states. Many hard-working Central Floridians cannot get affordable health insurance and are one illness away from destitution. In the 117th Congress, I will immediately co-sponsor the Incentivizing Medicaid Expansion Act (H.R. 584) when it is re-introduced.

Per capita, we spend far more on healthcare than any other nation on earth. Despite this huge investment, we see poor health outcomes and far too many bankruptcies. Medicare for All is the sensible fix to a broken system. Streamlining healthcare is an urgent priority to redirect the millions of dollars siphoned off by insurance companies. It has never been more important to start investing in the health of this country.

A Green New Deal

The climate crisis is a global emergency. I want to make sure my 1-year-old son and so many other children have a bright future. We must federally support green technologies and stop subsidizing and propping up deadly, failing fossil fuels. We can build a robust green economy whilst simultaneously undoing the damage caused by a century of greenhouse gas emissions. COVID-19 has shown us that massive change is possible when it comes to working from home, reducing travel, and leveraging the Internet. These practices are also essential to combating greenhouse gases and the climate crisis.

I support a Green New Deal (H.Res. 109). In Florida’s 6th district, wetlands are being paved over and our aquifer is being drained. This is reckless and short-sighted. I will always work toward protecting our beaches and natural habitats—”The Real Florida” that we know and love. We need to level the playing field so windmills, solar energy, hydroelectric, and other technologies can shine. There are great jobs in green technology on the horizon. Let’s make the USA a global leader, innovating and exporting these technologies worldwide.

Raising the Minimum Wage

Economic inequality has become an accepted status quo for working Americans when it should be our deepest concern. Each year, the cost of living increases but the federal minimum wage has been stuck at $7.25 since 2009. In Florida, our minimum wage is only $8.56 per hour. When re-introduced in the 117th Congress, I will vote for the Raise the Wage Act (H.R. 582) to increase the federal minimum wage to $10.60 in 2021 and rising to $15.00 by 2025.

Republicans have lied for decades about illusory benefits of a trickle-down economy to enrich their friends. Massive government handouts to large corporations and ultra-wealthy Americans must end. Hard-working Americans cannot survive on minimum wage. The lockdown has proven who the essential workers in this economy are. It is time to provide the people we rely on the most with an honest wage. This will energize the working class and help rebuild our Central Florida economy.

Universal Basic Income

I support a universal basic income (a “freedom dividend”) for all Americans. Wealth in this country is being siphoned off by corporations and the ultra-rich, insistent on hoarding wealth. The freedom dividend introduces cashflow into the hands of those who need it. Working families need a helping hand; even before the pandemic struck, one-third of Americans couldn’t afford an unexpected $400 expense.

Higher wages and a guaranteed minimum income will be a tremendous boost to working families, especially in disadvantaged areas like Daytona Beach, where so many live without opportunity. This injection into local businesses will be a boon to our economy, revitalizing our communities and building back the promise of American prosperity. Instead of massive giveaways to real estate moguls and top corporations, let’s bring power to the people. CHANGE FOR THE MANY!

Equal Rights

I am pro-choice and will support funding women’s health in Congress. I will be a good ally and amplify women’s voices. Furthermore, I support the LGBTQ+ community. Too many in office curtail the human rights of anyone they deem to be different. Our representatives should not pander to fringe groups who do not represent the soul of America.

We need to add the Equal Rights Amendment to the U.S. Constitution and draft supporting legislation. We need to close the gender pay gap, provide universal healthcare, increase federal subsidies for education and child care, and work on financial education and regulation to economically protect and empower women, LGBTQ+ individuals, people of color, and other marginalized Americans. This is essential toward building a more representative and prosperous United States of America.

Protecting Social Security

We need to strengthen Social Security protections. My Republican opponent says he has the “guts” to “go after” your Social Security and Medicare. This is pure robbery, slashing the entitlements you paid into your whole life. Our local economy depends on many of the community’s seniors who cannot afford to lose their Social Security.

I will support the Social Security 2100 Act (H.R. 860), which imposes payroll taxes on top earners, increases cost of living adjustments, and finally indexes the thresholds for income tax on Social Security to inflation—this should have been done in 1984! With a few sensible changes, we can fully fund Social Security through 2100 and beyond.

Lowering Prescription Costs

I will negotiate for lower drug prices to ensure Medicare does not become a taxpayer giveaway to pharmaceutical companies. We should no longer pay higher premiums than Canada and Mexico for pharmaceuticals that were funded and developed right here in the United States of America. When a drug’s patent expires, we should switch from the expensive name-brand to a generic version. New drug formulations should offer an improvement over the prior drug—and not just be an excuse to increase profits with a new patent. In 2021, we will pass The Elijah Cummings Lower Drug Costs Now Act (H.R. 3) into law, which will be a historic step that addresses out-of-control pricing on insulin, EpiPens, and other prescriptions.

Legalization of Cannabis

I agree with Ryan Morales and others—I support the federal legalization of cannabis. The war on drugs has failed, and cannabis in particular is relatively safe. The criminal justice system disproportionately prosecutes people of color for the possession of cannabis and cannabis paraphernalia. This must end. I will also work toward overturning past nonviolent cannabis convictions at the federal level, which are holding back so many Americans from gainful employment and the American dream for no good reason. This will help our economy, too. I support “ban the box,” as well.

Strengthening Workers’ Rights

American workers are being left behind. As the richest and most powerful nation in the world, why do we keep enabling big corporations to treat the American people as disposable? I support unions that strengthen workers’ rights and strongly believe in equal opportunities for all. Women and minorities should not be the last hired and first fired.

My duty in Congress is to speak up for American workers who feel voiceless against corporations. Profits shouldn’t come at the expense of basic human rights. American companies should be proud to provide a living wage. Too many companies fall short and a revolving door of disaffected, maligned employees is no way to build capital. I will support the Protecting the Right to Organize Act (H.R. 2474) when it is re-introduced in the 117th Congress. This will pass in 2021, after we flip the Senate and presidency blue on November 3rd, 2020.

Black Lives Matter

People of color deserve justice. Our culture of policing must change. It is not appropriate to intimidate, dehumanize, beat, and arrest individuals in poor, minority neighborhoods in order to drum up support for increased police funding. This is not equal justice under law.

We must stop providing federal funds to police departments that murder with impunity. Making funding conditional on citizen oversight and independent review boards will help produce community policing that works for the people. We should federally prohibit police unions from negotiating to protect dirty cops, and introduce the equivalent of Title IX officers in higher education (to prevent sexual harassment, discrimination, and violence) in our police departments to review policies and use of force.

We can use this moment to affirm the aims of our police departments: To protect and serve. Many police officers agree that we are overfunding certain aspects of policing while underfunding social services, and mental health programs. Redirecting funds will limit the expectations of the police and support important social programs alleviating pressure on our officers. I support the list of aims laid out by Campaign Zero.

Putting an End to
Robocalls and Scams

Robocalls have gotten completely out of hand. Caller ID spoofing is already illegal—but where IS the enforcement? Even car dealerships do it, bypassing blacklists using phony phone numbers that belong to real people. The TRACED Act, signed into law at the end of 2019, is a big step, but we need to do more to fund and empower the FCC and to hold scammers and telecommunications providers accountable. In Congress, I will support educational funding and further legislation to stop scammers in their tracks. We need to hold big corporations accountable for data breaches, many of which provide fodder for identity theft and targeted crimes like imposter scams, wire fraud, romance scams, ransomware, and extortion. In particular, criminals prey on our senior citizens. We must fight back.

I need you.

The pandemic has made two things starkly clear: (a) Too many Americans have been living under a system that wasn’t built for them to succeed, and (b) large corporations are decimating small businesses, ripping the heart out of our communities. Balance has to be restored with a progressive agenda that rebuilds communities from the people up. I pledge to represent your voice in Congress. I am working in Volusia, Flagler, Lake, and St. Johns counties to deliver a campaign with Central Florida at its heart.

We cannot do this without you. Politics is a group activity and it takes a community to rise up and demand the change they need. I promise to fight for the people of Central Florida. I promise to make your voice heard. Join me in making sure that the 117th Congress is truly a House of Representatives.

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