Thank you, Dr. Gary Mottola, for your endorsement! Gary and I “met” (digitally) when I was working with data from the National Financial Capability Study in my PhD studies. Gary is the Research Director for this study, conducted once each 3 years. He’s a statistician and financial expert who studies Americans’ financial literacy and capability nationwide.

July 14, 2020

Richard is a teacher and educator who cares deeply about our nation’s children and our next generation of teachers. I’ve worked with him as he studied the financial capability of future teachers and ways to improve it. Richard is a problem-solver with a can-do attitude. He has the skills and self-discipline to succeed in Congress and make a great difference for hard-working, struggling Central Floridians. We need to elect more capable young educators like Richard–people who understand the importance of education to building a fairer and more economically equitable United States of America. Dr. Richard Thripp has my full endorsement, and I hope to see him in Washington as the next United States Representative for Florida’s 6th district.

– Dr. Gary Mottola
Research Director

Gary was a member of my dissertation committee where I studied the financial literacy of future teachers. He gave me invaluable feedback and expert wisdom, and we have become great friends. We finally got to meet in person on February 6, 2020 at Union Station in Washington, DC, when Kristy, our son, and I visited Washington at the start of our campaign!

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