June 16, 2020

Richard Thripp is a young, experienced teacher educator who supports a Green New Deal, Medicare for All, and a universal basic income, among other progressive policies. Such legislation would be transformational for Florida’s 6th congressional district—particularly the Daytona Beach area, which has low median income, blighted areas, and underserved communities. Richard is a native Floridian born in Daytona Beach who knows the area’s issues well and has lived, worked, and volunteered in this community his whole life. He and his wife Kristy have a 16-month-old son, and he completed his Education PhD in December 2019 while teaching educational technology and advocating for financial education and a better retirement plan for Florida teachers.

Richard joined the race on January 1, 2020 as a political neophyte who felt called to fight for the little guy and for the future of Central Floridians and all Americans. An internal poll suggests that Richard is poised to defeat perennial candidate Clint Curtis in the August 18th Democratic primary. In the November 3rd general election, Richard will be up against freshman Rep. Michael Waltz, who lives outside the district and has shackled himself to Republican albatross Donald Trump, appearing constantly on Fox News and on Air Force One.

The district has 600,000 voters with about 430,000 belonging to the 2 major parties, divided as 54% Republican vs. 46% Democratic, plus 170,000 no-party-affiliated or minor party voters. This is an overlooked, winnable district previously held by Florida’s failed puppet governor, Ron DeSantis, and was last represented by Democratic Rep. Suzanne Kosmas in 2009–2011. Richard is running a volunteer-powered campaign with grassroots donations and no big donors or corporate PAC money, and is a strong candidate for a national endorsement by [redacted].

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