May 30, 2020

George Floyd was murdered, plain and simple. Racism has not only persisted in the USA, but has worsened with the most racist president in modern history occupying OUR White House. This president, who took an oath to protect and defend ALL Americans from enemies foreign and domestic, has defied that oath by publicly calling for the deaths of Americans who are protesting racial injustice.

Our current congressman, Michael Waltz, stands complicit. It is astonishing that any elected official could remain silent during this dark time in our nation’s history. I call on Congressman Waltz to condemn racism and condemn the president’s outrageous Twitter tweets threatening the lives of Americans. We must endeavor to be one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for ALL. We must stand together in solidarity. Like a phoenix, we must rise up through the ashes.

We need JUSTICE. We need REFORM. We all need to fight entrenched racism, discrimination, inequity, and disadvantage comprehensively, from the ground up, throughout our culture and society. The status quo will not work for our police departments, neighborhoods, schools, laws, courts, and other institutions, including Congress. Black lives matter.

It won’t be easy, but we must make this a turning point for America. Let’s protest peacefully, but vociferously and tenaciously. We must work to attain positions of expertise, power, and influence to make a difference. Late is better than never. We will plant trees now that may take 20 years to bear fruit. Persist. Persist. Persist. Thank you and God bless.

– Richard Thripp
Democratic candidate for Congress, Florida’s 6th district

Tweet-size version:

This was a deliberate, slow, cold-blooded 1st-degree murder aided by 3 other police officers in broad daylight.

It wasn’t the first, but it SHOULD be the last.

We need JUSTICE, not platitudes.

We need REFORM, not empty words.

#BlackLivesMatter #FL6