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The people of Florida are tired of being ignored by their politicians. “Business as usual” is not enough anymore. We need change. We need higher wages. We need more jobs. We need stronger protections and better benefits. I’m Richard Thripp, and I believe the working people of Florida deserve more from their federal government.



Endorsed by FL Democratic Environmental Caucus
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About Richard

I’m a triple-graduate and former instructor at University of Central Florida, born in Daytona Beach, who has lived in Volusia County my whole life. I live in Orange City with my wife, Kristy, and 17-month old son, Ricky.

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Featured Issues

A Green New Deal

The climate crisis is a global emergency. I want to make sure my 1-year-old son and so many other children have a bright future. We must federally support green technologies and stop subsidizing and propping up deadly, failing fossil fuels. I support a Green New Deal (H.Res. 109). There are great jobs in green technology on the horizon. Let’s make the USA a global leader, innovating and exporting these technologies worldwide.

Medicare for All

I support universal healthcare for all Americans (Medicare for All). COVID-19 has only highlighted the fact that this is a sorely needed investment in the American people—in our health, wellness, and prosperity. Healthcare in this country is dictated by insurance companies whose bloated profits are direct proof of a failing system. A complex patchwork of competing systems is a waste of resources. Our current system frustrates medical workers and fails families when they are hardest hit.

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